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Vista™ M22 Amplifier with Clearline™ audio
Ideal for professionals—particularly VoIP users—the Vista M22 amplifier delivers precise levels of listening comfort, sophisticated hearing protection, and superior audio performance. The Vista M22 includes Clearline audio to improve call quality in any environment, especially wideband VoIP. The amplifier includes near-universal compatibility with single and multi-line telephones, as well as ergonomically designed volume, headset/handset and mute controls. The Quick Disconnect™ feature between the amplifier and headset lets you move away from your phone without removing your headset or disconnecting the call. The Vista M22 comes complete with a lightweight 10-foot coil cord for freedom of movement at your desk.
MX10 Amplifier
The MX10 Universal Amplifier connects your telephone and PC or external audio device to a Plantronics® headset and provides control of the sound through your headset. The MX10 includes near-universal compatibility with single- and multi-line telephones. A Quick Disconnect™ connector allows you to walk away from your desk without removing the headset or disconnecting the call.
P10 Amplifier
Just plug the P10 into your operator console, PBX, or ACD, then plug in your headset. The P10 delivers Plantronics® famous sound quality and ease of use. Its volume and automatic gain controls let you adjust incoming calls to a listening level that's comfortable for you. Comes with handy Quick Disconnect™ feature and 10-foot coil cord.
Delivering precision audio accuracy, the VistaPlus AP15 is specially designed for noisy call centers requiring the highest sound quality. The AP15 features multiband compression and DSP hardware that improve intelligibility by correcting for signal loss anywhere in the bandwidth. AudioIQ technology improves call accuracy by reducing noise and keeping incoming calls at a consistent and comfortable listening level. Echo cancellation and noise reduction offer superior transmit sound. With its unique combination of audio-clarifying technologies, the AP15 helps boost contact
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